This story is about my adventure getting put under for surgery. In summary: me tripping on anesthetics.

Senior Thesis at the School of Visual Arts
Independent Study Instructor: Enle Li
Design & Animation: Sarah Ji-Won Kim 
Music: On the Clock by Brains & Hunch

Featured in SVA Motion Graphics Portfolio Screening 2019
Adobe Design Achievement Award Top Talent 2019

& Storytelling
I wanted an abstract, visual representation of what it’s like going under anesthesia. This is the general idea of what my experience was like:


Futuristic cars from foreground (left) to background (right)

Decomposed a square, a circle, and a triangle to create a customized typeface.

Type specimen posters, 18x24 in. 

First poster

This video is about eternally replaying the happy, carefree moments in your life. 

You Will be Free by Juliet Jacques, NOWNESS
Design & Animation: Sarah Ji-Won Kim
Instructor: Jung In Yun & Greg Lee
Music: As Night Falls Earlier Each Day by LULLATONE

Visual Tone 

Ever since I graduated college, the realization of adulthood and the thought of “I’m not a kid anymore” is terrifying. Watching this video made me reminisce all the good old days.

The tone of the narrator’s voice is very soft and soothing. I want to illustrate it based on memories and experiences that are relatable to the audience.


This video is a compliation of different solutions to one riddle, based on people’s response.

Design & Animation: Sarah Ji-Won Kim
Instructors: Jung In Yun & Greg Lee
Music: Boo Bam by Brains & Hunch

The infamous, Massimo Vignelli, once said that the only typefaces you need in life is Helvetica, Times New Roman, Century, Bodoni, and Garamond.
I chose the topic on sex -- but it’s not what you think! If you search sex on wikipedia, the topic is about sexual reproduction, which I find that twist very interesting.